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Welcome to HDF
Earth Observing System
Today the Earth Observing System delivers 6,700 different products to 12 data archive centers and nearly 28 terabytes per day are redistributed to more than 1.7 million end users worldwide.
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Trillion-Particle Simulation
Complex collisions of particles that light up the aurora borealis can fracture Earth’s magnetic shield and wreak havoc on electronics, power grids, and space satellites. Visualizations of trillion-particle datasets, made possible with HDF5, are helping scientists decipher how.
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Solutions to Data Challenges
    The HDF Group provides a unique suite of technologies and supporting services that make possible the management of large and complex data collections. Its mission is to advance and support Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) technologies and ensure long-term access to HDF data.
    HDF technologies address the problems of how to organize, store, discover, access, analyze, share, and preserve data in the face of enormous growth in size and complexity.

    Organizations in both the public and private sectors use HDF to meet long term, mission critical data management needs. For example, NASA's Earth Observing System, the primary data repository for understanding global climate change, uses HDF. Over the 15 year lifetime of the project, which began in 1999, NASA will store 15 petabytes of data in HDF.
    The HDF Group contracts to provide customized consulting, software development, and advanced support services to organizations with challenging data-management requirements.