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The HDF5 XML Information Page

The HDF group has tools for using XML together with HDF5.

To realize this vision for XML, the initial tool set includes:

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HDF5 Document Type Definition (DTD)

The foundation for all use of XML is to define a DTD (in future, an XML Schema) which defines a valid description of HDF5. The HDF5 DTD is based on earlier work which specified a formal model in UML and a grammar (DDL) for describing HDF5 files. Given these, defining the DTD was a matter of expressing the concepts in XML.

Information about the DTD itself and design issues, see the DTD Information Page. The HDF5 DTD is in its second major revision, updated to be consistent with HDF5.1.4. The current DTD is at: /HDF5/XML/DTD/HDF5-File.dtd [text version]

HDF5 XML Schema

The current Schema is at:

Option to h5dump Utility

The HDF5 h5dump utility prints a human readable version of the contents of an HDF5 file. The default output is HDF DDL. A new option has been added to output the description in XML.

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