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HDF Group Business Model

The HDF Group Activities and Operations

The HDF Group endeavors to provide the highest quality software for managing large complex data sets, to provide outstanding services for users of these technologies, and to ensure long-term access and usability of data that is stored using these technologies.

The focus of The HDF Group's efforts are on the HDF data management technologies, but are not limited to these technologies.

HDF Technology Maintenance, Enhancement and Distribution.
Software engineering staff will coordinate and implement software development, testing, and distribution. Enhancements will be identified and coordinated through outreach activities and collaborations with organizations and individuals that have an interest in the evolution of HDF technologies for long-term stability and availability.

HDF Technology Support and Advancement.
Support staff will provide user support and outreach activities to all users and potential users. Support includes email and telephone communications, tutorials and training, and in some instances, on-site assistance. Outreach encompasses HDF workshops, HDF users conferences, and face-to-face meetings with current and potential HDF users. Support and Advancement also involves collaborations with organizations from the government sector, the private sector, and from research, scientific, and academic communities. Software and hardware vendors, and at-large users are also included among the community of collaborators. Training and tutorials are available free-of-charge on-line ; Hands-on instructor-led sessions may be purchased and customized to specific user needs. Scheduled support services are available on a fee-for-service basis to any HDF user.

HDF Technology Research and Consulting Services.
Technical staff will perform research and development (R&D) and consulting services to further exploit and expand HDF technologies. R&D and Consulting are expected to happen in the form of:

In many instances, Research and Consulting activities occur in tandem with Maintenance, Enhancement and Distribution; and Technology Support and Promotion.

Administrative support.
An administrative staff will manage and perform financial, business, and administrative activities in support of The HDF Group's primary functions. Most of The HDF Group products and services will be available to all persons for free. Organizations that depend on HDF technologies and need special services will support The HDF Group primarily in four ways:

These four areas form the objectives of The HDF Group's fundraising program. Executed with honesty and managed with integrity, fundraising is essential to achieving The HDF Group's financial mission of independence and long-term sustainability . The HDF Group will employ the following approaches for fundraising in support of its mission:

Because of the nature of HDF technologies, The HDF Group does not plan to use mass-marketing fundraising techniques, e.g., telephone solicitations. Current staff with responsibilities in fundraising include the Executive Director at 30% time, the Technical Directors at 5% time, and the Administrative Director at 5% time, for a total of 65% time (or the equivalent of 0.65 FTE) allocated to fundraising.

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