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HDF5 ERDC Project

Success in the modern Battlefield depends on effective management of data. Every operation is unique, making it impossible to build systems that address all of the needs of a specific mission in advance. Information needs arise under intense time pressure, and the available information is often incomplete or uncertain. Data entities vary enormously in scale and resolution, and can exhibit a great deal of heterogeneity. These challenges will only intensify in the future, as networks of sensors increasingly collect and transmit huge amounts and varieties of valuable data, scaling from synoptic images to the vital signs of individuals.

The complexities inherent in mission operations make the information management task an immense challenge, one which must be addressed in part by focusing on how information is organized, integrated, accessed, and analyzed. Toward that end the goals of this investigation are to identify the role that HDF5 can play as a data management platform for Battlefield military operations, to demonstrate the use of HDF5 visua-lization tools to present operational data, and to identify a research and development plan to develop a prototype geoinformatic data management system based on HDF5.

The project is divided in two phases:

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