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HDF5 AIP Project

This project was completed in 2006 and The HDF Group is no longer maintaining the software. You are free to send questions or software patches to help@hdfgroup.org, but The HDF Group cannot guarantee that we will respond to the questions or incorporate the patches.

Please use the contact form at http://www.hdfgroup.org/about/contact.html if you would like to discuss contracting with The HDF Group to provide support, maintenance, or further software development.

HDF5 Archival Information Package (AIP) a package for submission or archival storage of HDF5 files

An HDF5 AIP is a package for submission or archival storage of HDF5 files. It contains both a digital object and metadata about that object. The digital object is an HDF5 data file or a group of HDF5 files. The metadata component is an XML file or a set of XML files.

The METS document is used as a primary XML schema for the metadata. It contains a file group, a structural map and a section for the insertion of extension schema that provide descriptive and administrative metadata. In the following sections, we discuss the HDF5 AIP design and HDF5 metadata in more detail.

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