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HDF5 iRODS Project

This project was completed in 2008 and The HDF Group is no longer maintaining the software. You are free to send questions or software patches to help@hdfgroup.org, but The HDF Group cannot guarantee that we will respond to the questions or incorporate the patches.

Please use the contact form at http://www.hdfgroup.org/about/contact.html if you would like to discuss contracting with The HDF Group to provide support, maintenance, or further software development.

HDF5-iRODS module is a client-server system that provides interactive and efficient access to remote HDF5 files at iRODS server. For more information on iRODS, visit www.irods.org.

Numerous scientific teams use the HDF5 format to store very large datasets. Efficient use of this data in a distributed environment depends on client applications being able to read any subset of the data without transferring the entire file to the local machine. The goal of the HDF5-iRODS Project was to develop an HDF5-iRODS module for the iRODS datagrid server that supported this capability, and to apply the technology to an NCSA/SDSC Strategic Applications Program (SAP) project, FLASH.

A joint team from The HDF Group (representing NCSA) and the SDSC SRB group collaborated to accomplish the project goal. The team implemented five HDF5 microservices functions on the iRODS server, and developed an iRODS FLASH slice client application. The client implementation also includes a JNI interface that allows HDFView, a standard tool for browsing HDF5 files, to access HDF5 files stored remotely in iRODS. Finally, three new collection client/server calls were added to the iRODS APIs, making it easier for users to query the content of an iRODS collection.

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