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HDF4 OPeNDAP Project

This project page only summarizes the work up to year 2010. The maintenance work of HDF4 OPeNDAP handler is still supported via the ESDIS projects. For the latest information, please visit here.

The goal of the project is to enhance the current HDF4-OPeNDAP handler so that popular OPeNDAP client tools such as IDV and Panoply can display NASA HDF-EOS2 and HDF4 products such as MODIS, AIRS, MISR, CERES, and TRMM.

The image below, generated by the Panoply, shows the NASA AIRS ozone data near the South Pole on June 3, 2007. This is possible through our enhanced HDF4 handler.

- - Last modified: 30 June 2016