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Version 4.2.12

HDF 4.2.12 Interfaces

The section Introduction to the HDF APIs in this manual provides an overview of the library and the interfaces. There are several single-file interfaces and multi-file interfaces. The single-file interfaces are older and most are deprecated. The following list provides the name of all the available and deprecated interfaces. Click on an interface name to see the list of available routines in that interface. Fortran programmers may refer to the section HDF Constant Definition List for the values of HDF definitions.

AN - Multifile Annotation Interface

DFP - Single-File Palette Interface

GR - Multifile General Raster Image Interface

H - Common H Interface

H - H Advanced Interface

HDF - HDF Interface

HE - Error Reporting Interface

SD - Multifile Scientific Data Interface

V -- Vgroup Interface

VF - Vdata Field Interface

VS - Vdata Interface

VSQ - Vdata Query Interface

Deprecated Interfaces:

DF24 - Single-file 24-Bit Raster Image Interface

DFR8 - Single-file 8-Bit Raster Image Interface

DFK - DFK Interface

DFU - DFU Interface

DFAN - Single-file Annotation Interface

DFSD - Single-file Scientific Data Interface

HDF 4.2.12 - June 2016
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The HDF Group